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Unwanted movement in structures can trigger a lot of anxiety and stress for homeowners. Subsidence, physical disturbance, and building material failure are only a few of the factors that can affect a property’s structural integrity. Although there are various causes for a building’s movement, new repair technologies and advances in application methods ensure that effective solutions are available to address the issue.

In certain cases, structural issues can result in wall instability, which can lead to movement and creates problems for the affected house. The cracking caused by drought is typically of minor structural significance, and while unsightly and distressing, the issues would mostly end after a good rain. Rainy seasons may also cause harm, but usually this happens due to improper maintenance of the building, rather than weather extremes. Sometimes, people allow water to seep into their homes through breaks in roof tiles or improperly applied flash on chimneys. Such mishaps may result in water entering a home for a long time, causing the house’s walls and foundations to rot and ultimately collapse.

If an unidentified crack appears in your home, our commercial construction companies in New Orleans are fully licensed and certified to inspect the condition before deciding on any repairs. This type of monitoring can be a time-intensive process, but the correct result is worth the wait. If your house needs structural repairs, but you are afraid of the process being full of disruption, let us tell you how we use different methods to steer clear of it.

To deal with the different forms of structural repairs, we use a variety of approaches. Cavity wall tie corrosion, for example, is a common issue in cavity walled properties with relatively well-established and straightforward remediation strategies. Installing new stainless steel ties either using resins or manually going into the walls can also help with repair, in some cases. When possible, the corroded or faulty links can be separated or replaced, but we can also leave them in place in some special cases.

We respect customer satisfaction, so before we begin work on your home, homeowners have full faith and we will give you an overview of the process.

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If you have observed any structural differences in your home or are hoping to sell it, you should look into the stability of your home as soon as possible. Minor foundation problems can quickly escalate into a costly repairs, if ignored. When your foundation sinks, settles, or cracks, foundation repair is needed. When a house is first built, it is supposed to gradually “settle” into its base over time – this is simply the structure adapting to its surroundings and should not cause any problems if appropriately built.

When deciding if your foundation needs to be fixed, look for the following signs:

  • Sheetrock/exterior bricks cracks
  • Doors that aren’t affected by the weather have trouble opening and closing.
  • Walls and floors that are sagging or slanted
  • Corner cracks and gaps/rotting wood and other materials

Early detection of fixable foundation problems will save you a lot of money because partial foundation repairs are much easier to correct and restore than significant foundation changes. Pros Foundation New Orleans is a well-known brand in the foundation industry, and we can manage any stage of foundation repair.

For such extensive projects at your home, you need to have peace of mind that the work done at your home will be nothing less than the best. Therefore, hiring us to work on your home is the best decision. Our work is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, giving customers peace of mind because they know that if something goes wrong after their foundation repair, they can contact us and tell us about it. Then, at no extra cost to you, we’ll come out and look at whatever is wrong.

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