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When homeowners hear terms like “house raising” and “pier and beam house leveling” in an estimate for necessary repairs, they are likely to think they will be out a lot of cash soon. Fortunately, when the services are coming from an honest and reputable company, the house raising New Orleans cost is frequently lower than people believe.

Repairing a foundation, like fixing a leaking roof, is essential to protect the integrity of your house. It would help if you did not attempt to level your home on your own. This is not a traditional do-it-yourself job. That said, knowing the fundamentals of how and why you should level a house is beneficial.

House leveling is the method of restoring a home to its location when it was first built. Slabs in newer homes should be no more than 1.5 inches out of level, as established by the standards from the American Concrete Institute. After a house moves, a leveling service may be the only option to return the home to its former position.

The vast majority of property owners rarely see the minor differences in foundation elevations. Foundations are repaired to within an acceptable tolerance by professionals. Issues with the soil, too much moisture, or a base that the constructors did not build appropriately from the start are common causes that can cause the foundation to deteriorate.

One of the essential repairs a home will ever require is house leveling or foundation repair. Any problem, no matter how minor, can result in property damage and depreciation. Therefore, it’s best to call the highest rated result from your search – Pros Foundation New Orleans.

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new orleans house levelingHere are a few essential things to keep an eye out for when trying to decide if your home requires a leveling service:

  • Walls and floors with cracks
  • Cracks on the outside of your building, particularly noticeable on the bricks or stonework that make up the majority of houses’ exterior walls
  • Doors are stuck and will not close or open properly.
  • Your floors seem to be sagging or dipping. They may also feel softer than they should be.
  • When you look at your house from the outside, you can see how crooked it is.

As soon as you notice any of these signs, it’s time to begin searching for a reputable company.

Before you start your search, there are two things every homeowner should consider. First, what type of house leveling do you require, and second, the cost of the work. At Pros Foundation New Orleans, we use various methods for balancing your home, which all depend on the existing foundation. For each form of foundation, there are several techniques of repairing and leveling that may be applicable. Depending on whether the foundation needs to be repaired, various approaches are used. Whatever method is used, the result is the same: a level foundation, or more precisely, a fixed foundation.


Various conditions necessitate the use of multiple tools. Our Pier and Beam house leveling consists of installing steel or concrete pilings in critical positions under the concrete perimeter beam. Shims are mounted on top of the interior pads or columns and are used to change the interior. Damaged or poorly mounted wood may often cause movement. This type of damage is taken into account by our expert contractors in New Orleans Louisiana when performing repairs.


We have a variety of methods to address a variety of issues. Excavated areas around the house can be used to build concrete piers, concrete pilings, or steel pilings. These repairs are often confused with older methods, such as mudjacking. Soil injections may be used to prevent or reduce the likelihood of soil swelling.

So, give us a call if you’re starting your search today!

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