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Our New Orleans contractors realize how frustrating foundation problems can be. It is essential to clearly understand what lies underneath a home, whether you are purchasing a home for the first time or have owned one for years. The foundation determines the overall state of what lies above the ground.

If you ignore any of the risk factors of foundation damage, you will spend far more time and money fixing the problem and maintaining your home’s stability. And who wants more stress and anxiety in their lives? It is better to go for a reputable foundation repair New Orleans residents have rated 5 stars on the first sight of a foundation problem.

There are several common signs of foundation problems, such as cracks in walls, gaps between walls and ceiling, bowing/curved basement walls, and sloping floors, etcetera. These signs are clear indications that you require our services. Many homeowners are confused about why these damages occur. These problems may have various reasons. Some people face foundation issues due to invasive tree roots, and some due to erosion in soil.

We understand how vital it is to save money and alleviate tension in your life, which is why we strive to assist our customers in investigating the foundations of their homes to decide whether a presenting issue is simply a natural side effect of settling or a severe problem, requiring urgent foundation repair or a problem requiring special care.

All in all, if you are searching “house leveling near me,” Pros Foundation New Orleans is the company to call.

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house leveling contractors near meMany people come to us with various queries. Some ask how they will know if they should get shoring services that residences are known for needing after some time, and some ask why foundations start breaking. A foundation chipping and cracking can be a common problem when the base has not been adequately cured or when your contractors used inadequate finishing methods during construction. As soon as you notice the first crack, it would be best if you started looking at the options for “house leveling near me” in your search results. If the regular freeze and thaw period has been particularly severe over the years, the problem can be exacerbated by it. Sandblasting or even power washing a foundation with too much pressure may also cause this issue.

Worse still, once chipping or cracking begins, it will likely continue and escalate. If you neglect it, entire parts of the structure will deteriorate over time. If you are searching for shoring companies New Orleans trusts, we are the absolute best choice for you.

Our structural engineer is fully certified and can suggest different foundation repair approaches depending on the conditions that caused your foundation to crumble. Usually, we recommend an epoxy injection to reinforce the region. This keeps water, which could exacerbate the problem, out of the area. If fundamental issues trigger the chipping that partial repair can’t resolve without entirely redoing the base, then our engineers may suggest drainage solutions and vapor barrier installation to keep water away from it.

We value customer satisfaction, so we’ll brief you about the process before starting to work on your house.

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If you’re looking for foundation repair you can count on, you are on the right page. Our New Orleans foundation experts provide the best services for house raising, and we are well-known for our exceptional skills and dedication. We offer services in New Orleans and surrounding areas and have an excellent record of satisfied customers.

Foundation repairing and house raising are not the fields where we expect our customers to be knowledgeable.  Since early indications of foundation issues are always subtle, it’s critical to check your homes both inside and out regularly. Fractured or bending walls, as well as sticking windows and doors, should be noted.

When you call us for home elevation, we expect you to know your house’s age and relevant history. Our experts then ask if you have noticed any cracks and whether you have noticed them getting worse. You should also have visibly deteriorating foundations tested. Water issues on a property can cause foundation problems, too. We ask you to relay all the relevant information before sending our experts to your home for complete estimation and inspection.

It is essential to understand that no one can solve such issues on calls. Therefore, contact us to schedule an appointment with an expert/engineer to clear up the mess for you. Remember that the later you ask for foundation help, the more severely damaged your foundation will be, and it will end up costing more time and money.


Most people complain that house raising and foundation repair are hectic tasks. There is no denying that their complaint is valid, but some preventative measures can help you steer clear of deteriorating foundations. We care about people’s welfare, so we educate our customers about these measures.

First, you can prevent foundation breaking by maintaining a sound drainage system. This entails keeping your gutters clean and ensuring that your downspouts drain far enough away from the base. Look for areas of pooling after rain to ensure your grading is still in good shape. If water is pooling near the ground, drainage solutions may be needed.

Furthermore, watering the foundation can also help you. During summer droughts, it’s a good idea to moisturize around your base to keep the soil from expanding and contracting too much—it’s time to water the earth if it’s beginning to pull away from the ground.

Additionally, although planting near the foundation will help preserve proper drainage and even avoid foundation issues, you should keep mature trees far away from the property for various reasons. When it comes to your base, trees with deep, wide-spreading roots planted too close to the house can cause problems.

Lastly, the majority of foundation cracks are entirely harmless. However, if you find a new one, you can keep an eye on it. Is it expanding or contracting? Then it is time to enlist the help of a specialist. Even if you are meticulous in your upkeep, you never know what the soil around your house can do. So, whenever you find yourself searching for “house lifters near me,” know that we will be glad to help.


If you want the most accurate estimate, you can ask us right away, once we complete inspection. However, let us walk you through a few factors that will influence the duration of the repair.

  • Size of your home: The smaller your house is, the faster we’ll be able to repair it.
  • Weather: Rain, wind, and extreme weather make working dangerous and inefficient. As a result, weather can cause a project to be delayed by a few days.
  • Utility: It’s common to have to work around plumbing or other utility lines. The nearer the construction is, however, the more care must be taken to prevent harm to the lines. This can be a possible reason for delay, as well.
  • Soil conditions: Heavy landscaping around the base will make it difficult to identify particular issues at first, as well as lengthen the repair process. In order to finish the repair, we often have to remove some landscaping, which takes more time.
  • Raising: The house would occasionally need to be lifted up after foundation repairs to make these repairs. The more it has to be elevated, the longer it will take. Furthermore, if there are problems with the house raising, this will add time.


Let us tell you why it’s beneficial for you to seek professional help when dealing with damaged foundations. One of the most significant reasons to employ a proper foundation company is that they have received all of the necessary training to ensure that your foundation is repaired correctly. Our experts have worked on foundations for many years, which has enabled us to put our training into practice. This allows our clients to fully trust our ability to repair your base.

Another excellent reason to employ us to rebuild your foundation is that we will provide you with an accurate estimate of how much the repair will cost prior to starting repairs. We’ll test your foundation thoroughly and let you know exactly what’s wrong. This aids you in making financial preparations. Finally, the quality of our work is assured. This provides consumers with a great deal of peace of mind, because they know that if something goes wrong after their foundation repair, they can call and tell us about it. We will then come out and look at whatever is wrong at no additional cost to you.

So, what’s there to wait for? Give us a call now, and let us make your lives easier!

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